[PICS] 27th XIADAY in NY

This past Saturday, we celebrated Junsu’s birthday in New York! It was a lot of fun with those who attended, we hope we can do this again next year with even more people! We had our XIADAY at a small theater usually used for plays. Really befitting for our musical actor Junsu ♥ The studio is already decorated quite beautifully so we didn’t do much, but we added some Junsu here and there. ^.^

When you walk right in off the elevator, what do you see? Cheerful Angel XIA inside a Christmas wreath!

Little Junsus everywhere~

Setting up the donation goods!

Watching Junsu’s greeting to us on the big screen! ^.^

Happy Birthday, JUNSU ♥

We didn’t get to take that many pictures, but it was really an enjoyable time. Thanks to those who came, and for those who couldn’t, we hope we’ll see you next year!


About xiamerica

Fanbase for fans of JYJ member Kim Junsu in the USA, XIAmerica. 미국에서 사는 샤퐈분들 위한 샤메리카입니다♥

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