[INFO] XIADAY Donation Goods

Next week is already XIADAY! Before XIADAY, we wanted to let you know that we’ll be selling donation goods. Donation goods are not for profit! All proceeds of donation goods will go directly to the children of the Xiah Junsu village in Cambodia! All of our profits, along with those of the XIADAY in Korea and other countries will help these children in need, as they have for past XIADAYs as well! If you want to help out, you might want to think about purchasing some of our goods. Let’s spread our love of Junsu by helping those who need it most! The prices as as follows:

*Not all goods are pictured*

Tumbler $11.15 USD (12,150KRW)
Pouch $11.15 USD (12,150KRW)
Passport Cover+paper cup with Junsu’s illustration $2.75 USD (3,000KRW)
Character USB $18.50 (20,000KRW)

If you want donation goods, please arrive a little earlier, as they are first come first serve! We only have a limited supply. Also, don’t forget the entrance fee for XIADAY is $5, to cover the goods you get on entrance. Those goods in particular are a surprise until you come! ^.~

See you next week!


About xiamerica

Fanbase for fans of JYJ member Kim Junsu in the USA, XIAmerica. 미국에서 사는 샤퐈분들 위한 샤메리카입니다♥

2 responses to “[INFO] XIADAY Donation Goods”

  1. su says :

    i live in California..can we still buy if we can not make it to the xiaday in ny?

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