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[INFO] XIADAY Donation Goods Sales Post

*Not all goods are pictured*

Tumbler $11.15 USD (12,150KRW)
Pouch $11.15 USD (12,150KRW)
Passport Cover + 2 paper cups with Junsu’s illustration $2.75 USD (3,000KRW)
Character USB $18.50 USD (20,000KRW) SOLD OUT
XIADAY Photobook $6.50 USD (this is NOT a donation good, but part of the basic XIADAY set.)

For this post, we will be accepting international orders.
Shipping within the US is $5 USD
International shipping is $8 USD
Shipping charge does not change regardless of how many things you buy.

To buy, send accurate payment of goods to via PayPal and email us this form
Which goods, and how many did you buy?
How much money was sent?
Name as it appears on PayPal:

Goods are first come first serve!!!! We have only a limited supply of each item, so if you want a certain item, it’s best to pay right away. If you send money and the item you want is already sold out, we will refund you.

We will not be shipping until after Christmas!
Thank you!