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[INFO] 27th XIA DAY in USA

We are pleased to announce that XIAmerica will be joining hundreds of other fans all over the world in celebrating Junsu’s birthday this year! XIA DAY has been held for Junsu’s birthday in Korea since 2005, and now for his 27th birthday we have been invited to join in the celebration!

27th XIA DAY in NYC
When? Saturday, December 15th, 1PM – 4PM
Where Stage Left Studio – 214 W 30th St, 6th Floor, New York, NY
How Much?* There will be an entrance fee of $5 or less.
What do we do at XIA DAY? There are special videos planned to be shown at XIA DAY, we will also be cutting a cake for Junsu, and hope to have giveaways! XIA DAY is also a chance for you to get to know fellow Junsu fans in your area and to look back on the year and all the wonderful activities Junsu has done for us. ^.^ We are also open to suggestion as to things you would like to see done at XIA DAY.

Due to restrictions, we can only plan a XIA DAY in NYC for this year. However, if you plan to hold your own XIA DAY in your part of the USA and would like us to promote your event as well, please email us with detailed information about your XIA DAY and we would gladly help you out. We are also always open to suggestions, comments, or questions. Please feel free to email us at any time at

*The entrance fee helps to cover the cost of the venue and also costs of XIA DAY goods which you will receive upon coming to XIA DAY. XIAmerica will make no profits off of this event.

We hope you would like to join us. Anyone from all over is welcome to come, not just people in NYC! If you are in the tri-state area (or even further) please feel welcome! We would like to see as many fans at this event as possible. This is an event Junsu himself knows about so we would like to show him a great support as a way of thanks for all the things he’s done for us this year!

!!! RSVP
If you are sure that you are going to XIA DAY, please confirm your attendance on our Facebook Event Page. If you do not have Facebook, you may vote in the poll below. DO NOT VOTE IN THE POLL IF YOU HAVE ALREADY RSVPED ON FACEBOOK. Please answer seriously as we need to know how many people to expect. Thank you!

Official Announcement of XIA DAY