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[CLOSED] XIAmerica Opens Group Order for Junsu’s Elisabeth OST

!!!: Last day to order is September 18! If you cannot pay by then, you have until September 20 but you must email us confirming you will buy!

Hello everyone ^.^
We’re pleased to announce XIAmerica’s first album group order for fans in the U.S (and U.S commonwealths – Puerto Rico & U.S Virgin Islands)

What is “group ordering?”
Group ordering is when many people purchase something (like an album, or book) in bulk as one order, to minimize on shipping costs by splitting up the final price. In other words, instead of paying the shipping price all by yourself, you will only pay a fraction of it!

Some benefits of group ordering are lower shipping prices, and also the added bonuses that you wouldn’t get from buying on a regular website! It means more Junsu stuff for you ^.~

Elisabeth OST Order Details:
This group order is done through Korean Junsu fansite PicnicXiah! The price of one set EXCLUDING SHIPPING is $35. It includes: 

  • Elisabeth OST (2CD + 1DVD + Photobook), Poster, PicnicXiah’s gift (clear folder and Xiahtod Black Pencil Set [4 pencils in a case]) and a copy of @star1 (magazine)

How to Purchase:
Shipping is determined by how many people order. So there will be two payments: one for the OST and one for the shipping costs. Shipping will not need to be paid until the order is in the U.S.

To buy it, send $35 to XIAmerica’s paypal account, then email us ( with this form:

Number of Sets:
How much money was sent:
Paypal Name:
Fastest way to contact you (Twitter, email, etc.):

Our paypal account is
Any questions may be sent to that email too.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t email a payment form to us and just send the money, we will need to refund you. Likewise, if your name is different from the name on your paypal account, and you do not tell us, we will also need to refund you. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS.

If our order doesn’t exceed 10 people, we will refund everyone who sent us money, so please tell your friends~ Thank you!

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