[CLOSED] Junsu’s 2nd Album Incredible for USA fans!

XIA FAN UNION is conducting a global group order for fans all over the world to purchase Junsu’s album directly from Synnara. Sales from Synnara count directly on both Hanteo and GAON! It’s important to make sure our albums are bought from a reliable seller, so that our sales may reflect on the charts. It’s also important to have a large pre-order number, as C-JeS does not reprint albums after an initial printing. Let’s thank Junsu for this wonderful gift by making him #1 on all the charts!

Junsu’s 2nd Album “Incredible” Pre-Order
1 set: Album + Poster + Special Gift
Price: $17 excluding shipping
How to order: Please send in your payment and fill out our order form, to be emailed to xiamerica@gmail.com. Payment through paypal can be sent to xiamerica@gmail.com as well!

Order Form
Number of sets:
Amount sent:
Name as it appears on paypal:

There are two rounds of payment; one for the price of the album and one for the shipping payment. Price of shipping depends on total number of people in the group order. The deadline for the initial payment of just the album is July 12th, at 11 PM EST (8 PM PST). Shipping payment deadline will be shortly announced. Albums will be shipped from Korea after the release date of Junsu’s album (July 15th) and will be shipped domestically before the end of this month. Any further questions can be answered by looking at our FAQ post, emailing us at xiamerica@gmail.com, or tweeting us at @XIAmerica_ πŸ™‚